A8001 3D SPI

■适用范围 Scope of application

■特点 Characteristic

▪采用多路3D投影方案,提高检测精度,解决单投影导致的阴影问题。自主研发可编程结构光栅技术,包括光栅投影和投影驱动两大核心技术,历经三年投入,多次升级,已这到国际先进水平。采用定制的双侧远心定焦镜头,确保图像的水平度、成像景深,提高图像的质量,减少成像畸形,可应对 PCB弯曲带来的检测难点。基于日本精密制造的工艺理念,设计的高精度、高强度、高稳定性的铸造结构,确保设备的精度与寿命。通过条纹和编程驱动,以保证测量的正确性与重复精度,配合精密结构和精度控制,得到最佳检测能力。完全自主研发的8路光源控制卡,配合多路光源设计,针对不同产品、不同PCB,灵活使用光源方案,成就设备性能与使用的简单性。自主研发的人工智能GERBER显示,重绘、识别、编程软件,引导式编程,可做到一键式识别和编程,编程速度快,且可持续更新升级;


    范围 Scope of application



    Main focus on ne and tiny optical fields; Widely used in aviation, automotive manufacturing, precision measurement, medical equipment, industrial control and other fields; Provision of hard/software customization services; Provide full automatic optical detection scheme custom service; Provide full automatic optical detection technology advisory services.

    特点 Characteristic

    采用多路3D投影方案,提高检测精度,解决单投影导致的阴影问题。自主研发可编程结构光栅技术,包括光栅投影和投影驱动两大核心技术,历经三年投入,多次升级,已这到国际先进水平。采用定制的双侧远心定焦镜头,确保图像的水平度、成像景深,提高图像的质量,减少成像畸形,可应对 PCB弯曲带来的检测难点。基于日本精密制造的工艺理念,设计的高精度、高强度、高稳定性的铸造结构,确保设备的精度与寿命。通过条纹和编程驱动,以保证测量的正确性与重复精度,配合精密结构和精度控制,得到最佳检测能力。完全自主研发的8路光源控制卡,配合多路光源设计,针对不同产品、不同PCB,灵活使用光源方案,成就设备性能与使用的简单性。自主研发的人工智能GERBER显示,重绘、识别、编程软件,引导式编程,可做到一键式识别和编程,编程速度快,且可持续更新升级;


    Multiplex 3D projection scheme is adopted to improve the detection accuracy and solve the shadow problem caused by single projection. It has independently developed programmable structure grating technology, including two core technologies, grating projection and projection drive. After three years of investment and multiple upgrades, it has reached the level of Advanced International technology. By using a customized bidirectional focus lens, the image level, imaging depth, image quality, and imaging deformity can be improved, and the detection difficulties brought about by PCB bending can be dealt with. Based on the technology concept of Japanese precision manufacturing, the casting structure with high precision, high strength and high stability is designed, and the advanced and precise assembly concept is configured to ensure the accuracy and life of the equipment. Through the Stripe and programming drive, to ensure the accuracy and repetition of the measurement, with the precision structure and precise control, to obtain the best detection ability. The 8-way light source control card, which is completely independently developed, is designed with multi-way light source design. For different products and different PCBs, the light source scheme is flexibly used to provide equipment performance and ease of use. The self-developed GER BER display, redrawing, identification, programming software, and guided programming can achieve one-key recognition and programming. The programming speed industry is the fastest, and it can be updated and upgraded sustainably.

    机器参数 Parameters


    3D SPI - A8001

    CCD分辨率 (Pixel)

    3-15um (Can be selected)

    检测 ( Inspecting Area)

    Min:无限制   Max :400×500mm


    中文或英文 (Chinese or English)


    彩色 Color( R/ G/ B)

    (Image Processing Way )

    160 mm/ s

    检测速度(Test Speed)

    CAM+       (CAM+ Scanning pattern)

    数据来源(Source of the data )

    相三线AC220V+10 %

    源供(Power Supply)

    (Single- phase three- wire)

    操作温度(Operation Temperature)

    17 - 30 ℃

    操作湿度(Operation Humidity)

    RH< 65 %

    缺陷确(Defect Confirmation)

    AVI 线+VRS (Online & Workstation Fission Confirmation )

    位方式(Positioning Way of PCB)

    边对+动补偿(AlongsideContraposition& Auto-compensation)

    缺陷找方式(Defects Checking Way)

    +逻辑学运算(Image Contrast & Logic Computing)

    缺点范(Defects Range)

    PAD 、划、凸、氧化、粘胶等;字符残缺、漏印、字符上焊盘等覆盖膜下线路开/短路、氧化、异物等

    ⽤板范(Available Range)

    可用于喷锡板、沉板、沉金板、金板、沉板、OSP 抗氧化板等。


    L1633×W920×H1586mm (MS500 Series)


     800 kg( MS500 Series)